Conference Summary

Date: 29th Sep 2016 - 30th Sep 2016
Venue: St. George´s, University of London UK
Registration Fee PC: One day (£150 Medical Staff, £100 Non-Medical & Academic Staff, £75 Students, £250 Member of Industry), Two Days (£200 Medical Staff, £150 Non-Medical & Academic Staff, £100 Students, £400 Member of Industry), Awards Ceremony & Conference Dinner (to be announced soon)

The Third Annual Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony of the ESPCH

Collaboration between ESPCH and St George´s, University of London UK 


For clinical and academic queries and queries related to sponsorship and commercial exhibition, etc., please contact: Professor Andrew Miles DSc (hc) at:


Keywords: Causation, Health Philosophy, Complexity Theory and Systems, Biopsychosocial Model, Holism, Personhood, Somatoemiotic, Phenomonology of Pain, Neurophenomonology Clinician Attitudes, Integrated Primary Care, General Practice, Person Centered, Person Centred, Patient Centred, Patient Centered, Functional Motor Disorder, Parkinsonism, Fraillty, Physiotherapy,  Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Physical Activity, Cancer Recovery, Art-Based Approaches,  Neurophysiotherapy, Behavioural Neurosciences, Pain Management, Dynamics of Healing Relationships, Personhood, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Experimental Psychology, Mental Health, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Medical Education,  Methodology and Enagagement in Person-Centered Research, Mindfulness, Ethical Decision Making and Practice, Shared Decision Making, Ethics, Multidisciplinary Teams, Patient Values, Medical Humanisn, Medical Profesionalism, Health Services Delivery, Person-Centered Health Organisations and Systems in Healthcare, Patient and Public Engagement/Involvement in Healthcare, Patient Education, Health Policy and Funding, Value-Based recruitment, Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMS), Person-Reported Outcom Measures (PerROMS), Avoiding Readmissions