Conference Summary

Date: 27th Feb 2020 - 28th Feb 2020
Venue: Location: The Weston Hall Conference Suite, Ealing Campus, University of West London, London, UK.   Address: University of West London, St Mary’s Road, Ealing, London W5 5RF, UK.   (Full details of transport information and a list of recommended hotels in the vicinity of the venue, will be provided to delegates following successful registration).  
Two Days Attendance (27&28/02/2020) fees per person: Medical Staff £250 GBP; Non-Medical Clinician/Academic Staff £200 GBP; Patient/Carer/Student £100 GBP; Member of Industry £500 GBP; Patient Organisation Employee £250 GBP. One Day Attendance Only (either 27/02/2020 or 28/02/2020) fees per person: Medical Staff £175 GBP; Non-Medical Clinician/Academic Staff £125 GBP; Patient/Carer/Student £75 GBP; Member of Industry £275 GBP; Patient Organisation Employee £175 GBP. The Awards Ceremony and Networking Reception (after the conclusion of the first day of the conference 27/02/2020) incurs an additional fee of £65 GBP per person.

Sixth Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony of the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare


The President, Secretary General and Officers of the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare (ESPCH), are delighted to announce the dates and location of the Sixth Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony (ESPCH6) of the Society, which will take place on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th February 2020 at the University of West London (UWL), London, UK. ESPCH6, which has been organised by the Society in collaboration with the newly established European Institute for Person Centred Health and Social Care at UWL, will deliver some 30 academic, clinical and patient presentations, over 9 intensive sessions.


Key themes at ESPCH6 will include the impact of the Digital Health Revolution/AI/caring robots on PCC, the latest thinking on social prescribing as a recent addition to the PCC armoury, the most recent developments in shared decision-making strategies, and the new concepts of health and illness which are emerging as a consequence of the continuing evolution of the person-centered clinical method. The status of PCC as an ethical imperative and human right will be discussed, along with an exposition of the latest data demonstrating the empirical scientific evidence for PCC-mediated therapeutic approaches in healthcare, together with their accompanying economic justifications. ESPCH6 will also consider the potential of the flagship NHS 10 Year Strategic Plan to increase the person-centered care of the chronic, socially complex illnesses. Specific advances in behavioural science of relevance to how PCC can maximise treatment adherence will feature centrally. The conference will debate the methodological approaches deemed necessary to accelerate the operational implementation of PCC through the formulation of non-prescriptive clinical guidance for PCC. The growing role of therapeutic empathy - and developments in the understanding and use of the therapeutic clinical relationship - will also be debated. Of central significance, ESPCH6 will review how sophisticated advances in patient advocacy are enabling a data-driven embedding of PCC within modern health and social care systems. The conference will also learn how the pharmaceutical and healthcare technology industries are fulfilling a vital function in advancing the progress of PCC through their rapidly expanding and forward looking ‘patient-centricity’ initiatives.   


At the 2020 Awards Ceremony on the evening of 27th February, the President of the ESPCH will confer Society medals and prizes to honour a wide range of international colleagues, teams and institutions, who have been working assiduously for the promotion and implementation of PCC within modern healthcare systems, many of whom have been elected as key speakers at ESPCH6.


Who should attend?

Clinical and academic medical staff of all specialties and grades of seniority, Deans and Associate/Assistant Deans of Undergraduate Medical Education and Postgraduate Medical Training, Specialist Nurses and Nurse Educators at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social work professionals, academics in the philosophy of science/medicine, health policymakers, and all colleagues spearheading the digital healthcare revolution. We enthusiastically welcome attendance by patients, their carers, and patient advocates/charities, and encourage attendance by colleagues working on patient centricity and digital health in the pharmaceutical and healthcare technology industries.


Conference Programme 

The First Announcement is already available for download for more information. The detailed conference programme and speakers for ESPCH6, together with a Call for Abstracts and Call for Posters, will appear within the Second Announcement of ESPCH6, very shortly.




All enquiries in relation to the administrative aspects of the conference should be made to Dr Vivian Mounir []. Enquiries of an academic or clinical nature should be made to Professor Andrew Miles []. Sponsorship and advertising enquiries in relation to ESPCH6 may be made to Mr. Andrew Williamson, ESPCH Director of Finance and Operations at [].