The Special Interest Group (SIGs) Network of the Society

The Society has created a large number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

The SIGs have been designed to enable the rapid advancement of research, scholarship and teaching in the specific field of study.  No fragmentation of study of person-centered healthcare into the highly demarcated areas of study is intended. On the contrary, it is fully anticipated (and will be necessary) that chairmen of individual SIGs will liaise inter-collegially with the chairmen of all other SIGs, so that not only will a deepened understanding and accelerated progress be achievable within the specific area of the SIG, but a similarly deepened and accelerated understanding will also be gained of the essential inter-relationship and mutual dependence of the individual areas of study with each other. Full details of the mechanisms as how such functions will be achieved will be laid out in the forthcoming formal Constitution of the Society.

The Special Interest Groups created are as follows with details of the Chairmen given where these have been appointed:


  1. Special Interest Group – Bioethics and PCH
    Professor Gonzalo Miranda, Professor and Dean of Bioethics, Pontifical Athenaeum ‘Regina Apostolorum’, Rome, Italy.
  2. Special Interest Group – Burnout Syndrome and PCH for Patients and Professionals
    Professor Drozdstoj St. Stoyanov, Professor of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Person-centered Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Person-centered
  3. Special Interest Group – Case-based Decision-Making and PCH
    Dr. Mark Tonelli, Professor of Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, USA. 
  4. Special Interest Group – Child and Family-Centered Care
    Professor Linda Shields, Professor of Nursing, James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
  5. Special Interest Group – Commissioning Person-centered Healthcare
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  6. Special Interest Group – Communication and Communication Skills for PCH
    Dr. Roger Ruiz Moral, Professor of Medicine and Medical Education, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, Spain.
  7. Special Interest Group – Clinical Pharmacology
    Professor Amanda Wheeler, Registered Pharmacist and Professor of Mental Health, Deputy Director of Population and Social Health Research Program, Menzies Health Institute Queensland, School of Human Services at Griffith University, Australia
  8. Special Interest Group - Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    Professor Paolo Roberti di Sarsina, MD, Specialist in Psychiatry & President, Charity for Person Centered Medicine (Moral Entity), Bologna, Italy & Member, Observatory and Methods for Health & Coordinator Master´s Course ¨Health Systems, Traditional and Non-Conventional Medicine, University of Milano-Biocca, Milano, Italy
  9. Special Interest Group – Complexity Theory, Non-Linearity and PCH
    Dr. Joachim Sturmberg, Associate Professor of General Practice, Monash University Australia & Dr. Carmel Martin, Associate Professor, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
  10. Special Interest Group – Cultural Competence (Transcultural Care) and PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  11. Special Interest Group – Developing Countries and PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  12. Special Interest Group – Diagnostic Categorisation, Nosology and PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  13. Special Interest Group – PCH of Drug and Alcohol Addiction
    Professor Michael Musalek, President, European Society on Treatment of Alcohol Dependence and Related Disorders, Chairman, EPA Section of Psychopathology & Vice-chairman, WPA Section for Clinical Psychopathology, Anton Proksch Institute, University of Vienna, Austria.
  14. Special Interest Group – Epistemology and Ontology of PCH
    Professor Lin Getz, Professor in Biopsychosocial Medicine, General Practice Research Unit, Department of Public Health and General Practice, Nowegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway
  15. Special Interest Group – Ethics and Medical Law for PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  16. Special Interest Group – Evidence-based Medicine, Patient-centered Care and PCM
    Dr. Peter Wyer, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Columbia University, New York and Chairman, Section on Evixdence-based Healthcare, New York Academy of Medicine, USA & Dr. Suzana Silva, Consultant Cardiologist, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Co-ordinator, Brazilian Workshop of Evidence-based Practice for Decision-Making.
  17. Special Interest Group – Health Economics of PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  18. Special Interest Group – Health Philosophy (General) and PCH
    Dr. Michael Loughlin, Reader in Applied Philosophy, Manchester Metropolitan University & Guest Editor, Annual Philosophy Thematic Edition of the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
  19. Special Interest Group – Health Politics, Policy and PCH
    Dr. Sandra Tanenbaum, Professor of Health Policy, College of Public Health, Ohio State University, USA
  20. Special Interest Group – Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
    Professor Jack Dowie, Emeritus Professor of Health Impact Analysis, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London UK
  21. Special Interest Group – Health Professional Regulation and PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  22. Special Interest Group – Implementation of PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  23. Special Interest Group – Medical Humanities and PCH
    Dr. Stephen Post, Director, Centre for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics, Stony Brook University, New York, USA
  24. Special Interest Group – Mental Health (General Considerations)

    Professor Abraham (Rami) Rudnick, Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences and an Associate Member in the Department of Philosophy at McMaster University, Psychiatrist-in-Chief and Staff Psychiatrist at St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Adjunct Professor at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Adjunct Research Professor at the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing in the Faculty of Health Sciences and a member of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, both at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, Senior Editor of the Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health & Dr. Wilma Boevink, Senior Researcher at the User Research Center at Maastricht University, The Netherlands,  Social Scientist and Experiential Expert in Psychiatry at Trimbos-institute (The Netherlands institute for mental health and addiction), Utrecht, The Netherlands

  25. Special Interest Group – Neurophenomenology
    Dr. Hillel D. Braude, Director of Research at the Mifne Center  (Early Intervention and Treatment of Autism for the infant and the Family ), Israel, Research Affiliate, Religious Studies Faculty, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  26. Special Interest Group – Mind-Body Medicine in PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  27. Special Interest Group – PCH for Learning Difficulties
    Professor Roger Ellis OBE, Director, Social and Health Evaluation Unit & Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Universities of Chester and Ulster UK
  28. Special Interest Group – Mindfulness and Reflective Practice for PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  29. Special Interest Group – Multi-moribidity and PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  30. Special Interest Group – Narrative-enriched Care for PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  31. Special Interest Group – Palliative Care
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  32. Special Interest Group – Patient Advocacy, Education and Empowerment for PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  33. Special Interest Group – Patient Behavioural Studies
    Mr. Kevin Dolgin, Associate Professor, University of Paris, France & President ‘Observia’, Paris, France
  34. Special Interest Group – Patient Preferences-sensitive Care for PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  35. Special Interest Group – Person-Centered Clinical Guidelines Development
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  36. Special Interest Group – Person-Centered Healthcare Quantitative and Qualitative
    Healthcare Measurement Indices Development Group
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  37. Special Interest Group – Person-Centered Hospital and Health Facility Design
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  38. Special Interest Group – People-Centered Public Health and PCH
    Professor Gualtiero Walter Ricciardi, Vice Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Professor of Public Health, National Catholic University of Italy at the Policlinico Gemelli Rome, Italy & President, European Public Health Association, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  39. Special Interest Group – Personalized (Translational) Medicine
    Professor Emanuela Signori, Lead, Laboratory of Molecular Pathology and Experimental Oncology, National Research Council of Italy Institute of Translational Pharmacology & Professor of Pathology, Universita Campus Biomedico, Rome, Italy
  40. Special Interest Group – Person-Centered Health Records
    Dr. Rajeev Chaudhry, Associate Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, United States of America
  41. Special Interest Group – Health Technologies Assessment in PCH
    Dr. Carlos Martín Saborido, Director, Health Technology Assessment Unit, Faculty of Medicine, Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid, Spain
  42. Special Interest Group – Postgraduate Medical and Clinical Training for PCH
    Professor Ed Piele, Professor Emeritus of Medical Education, University of Warwick UK, Visiting Research Professor, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast Northern Ireland & Inaugural Ronald Harden Visiting Professor, International Medical University, Malaysia, Editor-in-Chief, Education for Primary Care.
  43. Special Interest Group – Psychosexual Care in PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  44. Special Interest Group – Psychosocial Care in PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  45. Special Interest Group – Research Methods for PCH
    Dr. Stephen Buetow, Associate Professor and Director of Research, Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  46. Special Interest Group – Self-care and PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  47. Special Interest Group – Shared Clinical Decision-Making for PCH
    Professor Alan Cribb, Centre for Public Policy Research, Department of Education and Professional Studies, King’s College, University of London UK.
  48. Special Interest Group – Social Care and PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  49. Special Interest Group – Health Disparities and Undeserved Populations
    Dr. John McKinlay, Senior Vice President of the New England Research Institutes (NERI) & Co-Director, NERI Health Services and Disparities Research Unit, Massachusetts, United States of America
  50. Special Interest Group – Lesser Heard Groups
    Dr. Michelle Pyer, Senior Researcher in the Institute of Health and Wellbeing at the University of Northampton, UK
  51. Special Interest Group – Sociological Dimensions of PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  52. Special Interest Group – Personhood and The Dynamics of Healing Relationships in PCH
    Professor Brian Broom, Consultant Physician (Clinical Immunology), Department of Immunology, Auckland City Hospital and Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychotherapy, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
  53. Special Interest Group – Spiritual and Religious Care
    Dr. Christina Puchalski, Director, Institute for Spirituality and Health & Professor of Medicine and Health Sciences, George Washington University, Washington DC, USA
  54. Special Interest Group – Undergraduate Medical and Clinical Education for PCH
    Dr. Fernando Caballero, Director of Medicine, Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid, Spain
  55. Special Interest Group – Values-informed Care
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  56. Special Interest Group – Wellbeing and Positive Health
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  57. Special Interest Group – Breast Cancer
     [VACANT – applications invited]
  58. Special Interest Group – Gastrointestinal Cancer (Colorectal)
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  59. Special Interest Group – Gastrointestinal Cancer (Upper GI)
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  60. Special Interest Group – Gynaecological Cancers
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  61. Special Interest Group – Lung Cancer
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  62. Special Interest Group – Multiple Myeloma
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  63. Special Interest Group – Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (& Hodgkin’s)
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  64. Special Interest Group – Pain and Associated Symptomatology
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  65. Special Interest Group – Prostate Cancer (& Male Urological)
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  66. Special Interest Group – Survivorship
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  67. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness and PCH (General Considerations)
    Dr. Ross Upshur, Canada Research Chair in Primary Care Research, Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine and Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, Canada
  68. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Affective Illness/Anxiety
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  69. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Arthritis (RA & OA)
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  70. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Cardiovascular Disease
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  71. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Crohn’s Disease (& UC)
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  72. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Cystic Fibrosis
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  73. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Dementia
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  74. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH, Diabetes and Nutrition
    Professor Paolo Pozzilli, Professor of Diabetes and Clinical Research, Centre for Diabetes and Metabolic Medicine, Institute of Cell and Molecular Science, Bart’s and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, London & Professor of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, Universita Campus Biomedico, Rome, Italy
  75. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Epilepsy
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  76. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Fibromyalgia
    8VACANT – applications invited]
  77. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and HIV/AIDS (+/- HCV/HBV)
    Ms. Michelle Croston, Senior Lecturer and HIV Specialist Nurse, Department of Nursing, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
  78. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Lupus Erythematosus
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  79. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Motor Neurone Disease
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  80. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Multiple Sclerosis
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  81. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Muscular Dystrophy
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  82. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Myasthenia Gravis
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  83. Special Interest Group – Obesity & PCH
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  84. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Pain (Non-Malignant)
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  85. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Parkinson’s Disease
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  86. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Psoriasis
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  87. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Respiratory Disease
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  88. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Schizophrenia
    [VACANT – applications invited]
  89. Special Interest Group – Chronic Illness: PCH and Stroke
    [VACANT – applications invited]