Joining the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare

The President, Senior VP and Officers of the Society cordially invite interested colleagues to membership of the Society. Interested colleagues should consult the Notes for Guidance (below, bottom) and then complete the Membership Application Form:

(Please see the ‘Notes for Guidance’ below before completing this form)

I would like to be considered for membership of the Society at the following level (tick as appropriate):

I would like my Institution to become a Corporate Member or Corporate Sponsor (select below) of the Society and request relevant details and fees.

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Notes for Guidance

A. Membership of the Society is open to all healthcare workers (including retired), healthcare managers, health academics, healthcare policymakers and government advisers, patients, patient advocacy groups (as corporate members) and members of the pharmaceutical and healthcare technology industries. The costs of membership are as detail below and the benefits of membership are set out below (see ‘D’). Applications received will be considered by the Society’s Membership Committee. Membership fees become payable on election and are annually renewable. 


B.  All applications should be accompanied by full and up-to-date Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter outlining the applicant’s achievements (and/or plans) in the field of person-centered care. The covering letter should document the achievement with reference to the membership criteria set out below (see ‘C’) and should indicate which Special Interest Group (SIG) or SIGs the applicant would like to join (no limit) The Application Form with the covering letter and CV should be sent to Professor Andrew Miles using the ‘SUBMIT’ function at the end of the Application Form.
C.  The Society has various categories of membership and these are as follows: 

(a).      Distinguished Fellow (Clinical Professional and/or Academic)
[Criterion and fee: outstanding contribution to the field of person-centered
 clinical practice: £150]

(b).      Fellow (Clinical Professional and/or Academic)
[Criterion and fee: major contribution to the field of person-centered clinical practice: £100]

(c).      Member (Clinical Professional and/or Academic)
[Criterion and fee: significant contribution to the field
of person-centered clinical practice. Membership fee: £75]

(d).      Member (Patient)
[Criterion and fee: currently a patient or a patient’s carer: £75]

(e).      Member (Industry)
[Criterion and fee: an active member of the healthcare industry: £250]

(f).       Associate (Clinical Professional and/or Academic)
[Criterion and fee: a promising ongoing contribution to the field of person-centered clinical practice: £50]

(g).      Student (Clinical or health-related studies)
[Criteria: detectable commitment to the principles of person-centered clinical practice: £25].

D. There are 5 principal benefits to membership of the Society. These are as follows:

(1). Free on-line access to the European Journal of Person Centered Healthcare (Priced for non-members at £195, and for non-member institutions £345 for print and £250 for online only).

(2). Quaternly e-Bulletin of the ESPCH by e-mail direct from the President, detailing new bibliography of relevance to the field, forthcoming European and other conferences and all details relating to the Society’s activities, including updates on the work of the Special Interest Groups.

(3)  Eligibility for consideration of award of the Society´s Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal, Book Prize, Essay Prize and Young Researcher and Young Teacher awards in recognition of individual contribution to the development of excellence in person-centered clinical care

(4). Eligibility for invitation to lecturing positions on the intensive educational courses to be organised by the Society (Fellows and Members only) in various European countries and also within the USA.

(5). Eligibility to apply to the Society for research grants and Higher Degree Studentship fee grants.


E. Corporate Membership and also Corporate Sponsorship of the Society (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) is invited and available at a negotiable cost based on the size of the organisation and the World Bank status of its geographical location.

The benefits of Corporate Membership and Corporate Sponsorship are highly substantial and include:

(1) High visibility of the Institution’s Logo and Statement of Commitment to Person-Centered Healthcare

(2) Free advertising opportunities in the Society’s quarterly e-Bulletin

(3) A gratis Advertising/Marketing Stall at the Society’s Annual Conference & Annual Academic Awards Ceremony

(4) Personal Introductions to Distinguished Clinicians of the Society by the President/Senior VP

(5) Generous reductions on block purchases of delegate places at the Society’s Annual Conference and Academic Awards Ceremony & (6) Preferred Sponsor Status of the Society’s publications and also of its Intensive Training Courses for practising clinicians wishing to: (a) become PCH trained practitioners and (b) those practitioners who seek to become PCH Mentors and Leaders in their field of practice. For further information, teleconference or face-to-face meetings and indicative cost estimates, please contact in the first instance: Professor Andrew Miles at: