Sponsorship / Exhibition / Advertising / Philanthropy

Supporting the ESPCH

Financial support of the activities of the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare is vital in order to ensure the success and impact of its multiple educational, training and publication initiatives as well as the costs of maintaining the Secretariat itself.  The Society therefore warmly welcomes enquiries from the Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Devices Industry, Private Healthcare Organisations, Charities, Governments and Philanthropists as to how these agencies and individuals can become functionally involved in the Society’s work.

A.  Sponsorship
A range of sponsorship opportunities currently exist to support the Society’s work in:

(a) The organisation and delivery of the Society’s European conferences
(b) The work of individual or multiple Special Interest Groups of the Society
(c) The person-centered care Clinical Handbook Series of the Society
(d) The ongoing publication of the European Journal for Person Centered Healthcare
(e) The ongoing development of the illness-specific person-centered care clinical journals
(f)  The ESPCH Secretariat

Ways of providing sponsorship/support at different levels
A range of opportunities exists to assist the Society’s work:

(a) As a Corporate Sponsor
(b) As a Platinum Sponsor
(c) As a Gold Sponsor
(d) As a Silver Sponsor
(e) As a Bronze Sponsor

B.  Company exhibition opportunities
Sponsors of the Society’s work (above) have exhibition opportunities at the Society’s conferences and training activities built into the package the Society offers.  However, organisations which wish only to exhibit may do so and at much lower costs.

C.  Company advertising
Organisations wishing to advertise via the Society may do so in the following ways:

(a) In the e-Bulletin of the Society which is sent to all Society members and sponsors
(b) In the delegate packs provided to delegates at the Society’s European conferences
(c)  Via the Society’s website

D. Private Philanthropy
The Society welcomes the interest of private philanthropists who are deeply concerned with the current state of healthcare and who would like to offer some personal assistance to the Society’s work in order to help us improve matters.  A philanthropist with such noble nature could be anonymous or publically recognised and would be free to discuss with the President and Senior Vice President completely tailored ways in which to support the Society’s work whether in minor or major fashion.

To enquire about the above opportunities to assist the Society, please e-mail Professor Andrew Miles at: andrew.miles@pchealthcare.org.uk