Conference Summary

Date: 26th Oct 2017 - 27th Oct 2017
Venue: Westminster Cathedral Hall, Central London, UK
Registration Fees Per Capita: One Day Attendance: £175 Medical Staff, £125 Non-Medical & Academic Staff, £75 Patients/Carers/Students, £350 Members of Industry. First and Second Day Attendance: £275 Medical Staff, £200 Non-Medical & Academic Staff, £100 Patients/Carers/Students, £575 Members of Industry. Attendance of the ESPCH 2017 Annual Awards Ceremony and Conference Reception: £45

Fourth Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony of the European Society For Person Centered Healthcare





The Fourth Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony of the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare (ESPCH4) will take place in Westminster, central London, on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th October 2017. ESPCH4 brings together a wide range of distinguished speakers, chairmen and panel discussants, from across Europe, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and elsewhere, and builds on the sequential successes of ESPCH1 (Madrid, 2014), ESPCH2 (Madrid, 2015) and ESPCH3 (London, 2016).


Day 1 of the Conference will focus on the relationship between person-centered healthcare (PCH) and evidence-based medicine (EBM). As the development of both movements continues to evolve, a narrowing of the initial gap in thinking between these two theses has been increasingly perceived, and there is a growing recognition that a dialogue between them has not only become possible, but is now urgently required. Leading speakers will consider the current status of both movements, their similarities and differences, and the means for an intensification of ongoing dialogue. The occurrence of practice variations, as a function of individualised care, will be explored, and the place of personalized, genomic approaches to care, and where and how they fit into the PCH model, will be discussed. The need for a ‘relentless focus on the person of the patient’ will be emphasised by a UK Government National Lead and international health policy and policymaking perspectives presented. Day 2 of the Conference has a strong emphasis on the implementation of PCH approaches in modern clinical care, arguing that the rhetoric of PCH has achieved its aims in large measure and that the time has now come to begin formal considerations of how to implement PCH into routine care processes with the aim of delivering key benefits to patients. Comprehensive methodologies and technologies to deliver person-centered care (and their cost-effectiveness), will be considered, and various models compared and contrasted. The roles of the clinical team, charities, patient advocacy organisations, carers, government and the pharmaceutical and healthcare technology industries, which collectively form the modern healthcare ‘ecosystem’, will be explored.


Annual Awards Ceremony (2017) and Conference Reception

As in previous years, the Society will recognise and honour outstanding contributions to the field of person-centered healthcare policy, practice, teaching and research, from across the globe, at the Annual Awards Ceremony. The Ceremony, which will take place following the close of Day 1 of the Conference, will confer the Presidential Medal, the Senior Vice Presidential Medal and the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. Following the conferment of the medals, the Society will award the Book Prize and Essay Prize, along with the Young Teacher Prize and the Young Researcher Prize. The Awards Ceremony will begin with the Annual Oration from the President and Chairman of Council, followed by the Annual Distinguished Guest Lecture. After the conferment of award and prizes, the Reception will follow, during which attendees will have the opportunity to meet the medal and prizes winners, speakers and chairmen, and to confer and network with the range of all other colleagues present.       




The full programme of the Conference will be available in the last week of August 2017. To register in the interim in order to guarantee a place, please click on ¨Book Now¨ at the right of the screen. 


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